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At this conference I will try to give some DSLR Camera brands that can be used for practically any users still new in the world of cameras. We hope to provide a little feedback if someday will buy DSLR cameras that cost quite relatively expensivedslr canon 1200d nikon d3200.

Price Digital DSLR Camera For Beginners

1. Nikon D3300
Best DSLR for Beginners: Replacing the popular Nikon D3200, D3300 offers new mid-level performance with a friendly design in terms of both price and appearance. This brought the camera of 24.3 megapixels and 1080p video at 60 frames per second capability comparable to cameras costing tens of millions of rupiah. Details of the images is astounding: We can read a small plaque on the corner of a shot in the corner of the screen. Not only rich in color, but look how they appear in real life. There are a few things to compromise on the price issue.

2. Canon EOS Rebel T5i
If you are familiar with the f / stop, white balance and ISO and want to trade on the DSLR-year-old to the latest technology, get 18-MP Canon EOS Rebel T5i with 18-55mm zoom lens STM. That “STM” stands silent stepping motor. Now, when autofocuses camera as you’re recording video, the camera mic will not take the sound of the lens moving. This is especially important if you catch a quiet scene.

canon eos rebel t5

Another prominent feature of T5i including shooting 5 photos per second in burst mode and provides light sensitivity up to ISO 25,600 for shooting in very low light. Up to 1080p HD video recording at 30 fps with stereo sound from the built-in microphone. No manual adjustments and audio jack for connecting an external mic, too. The film quality is quite good at 1080p / 30 fps, but not as good as 1080p / 60 fps of some competing cameras, such as Sony. One final bonus: Canon offers nearly 100 lens options.

3. Canon EOS 70D
They are serious about photography or video taking them to the next level will love the Canon EOS 70D ($ 1350 Price with 18-55mm EF-S IS STM lens kit). 20 MP Camera-wrap CMOS imaging chip with a “dual-pixel” technology focus combines rapid phase-detection pixels to 80 per cent of the sensor to speed autofocus when shooting in live view mode (framing the image on the LCD). In addition, 19-point autofocus system in the usual shooting mode, shutter speed of 1/8000 second highest (1/4000 to most other DSLRs) and ISO light sensitivity range up to ISO 25,600 makes 70D shooter versatile for almost any situation, day or night ,

When shooting video, dual pixel sensor to lock focus on the subject you specify, keeping it sharp anywhere move. This is the first DSLR autofocus technology is comparable in accuracy for skilled videographers using manual focus, making 70D rig remarkable for filmmakers. A fold-out, tilting touch screen 3-inch LCD lets you compose still and video on a variety of odd angles, and LCD readout on the top allows you to quickly check and adjust your settings. The EOS 70D is compatible with Canon EF lenses 103, plus many third-party lens, to cover the shooting situation.

4. Nikon D800
Can spend well north of five thousand for a pro DSLR like the Nikon D3X or Canon EOS-1 Dx, but they are really giant to a photo studio and professional sports coverage.

Nikon D800 (body only price $ 2999) has the same key features of competitors with higher prices: the so-called full frame imaging sensor is the same size as a frame of 35mm film. Large sensor in the D800 is possible to capture a wider image-corner from the DSLR lower-end and affords it a whopping 36.3-MP resolution highest for any full-frame DSLR.

Exceptional color accuracy, and it captures the finest detail. D800 also capture videos in full HD 1080p / 30 fps in high quality AVC format, which can directly output via HDMI to an external recording device for further editing.

Although it is quite big, powerful body of dust and moisture sealed alloy magnesium, the D800 is not intimidating. All controls are clearly marked and easy to reach. It is one of the tools of photography who will take the time to truly master, but when you’re “playing”, you will catch some of the best pictures you will ever see from a digital camera.

5. Sony Alpha a77 II
New Sony Alpha a77 II shoots 12 frames per second up to 5 seconds. That makes it one of the fastest DSLR on the planet and by far the fastest anywhere near this price. (The Canon 70D, for example, the shoot 7 fps.) The key to the speed of the Sony a77 II is a variant on DSLR technology. Most DSLR uses mirrors that direct light into the optical viewfinder and autofocus (AF) sensor, then flipped out of the way to expose the image sensor.

Sony uses a translucent mirror that bounces some light to the AF sensor with a record 79 points focus while allowing the majority to pass into the imaging chip. As a result, a translucent mirror does not have to move, and the camera can autofocus for every shot. 3-inch, LCD 1.2MP tilted and rotated to shoot from any angle, even selfie, and 2.4MP OLED viewfinder eyepiece optics are the same.

May 5 kinds of digital cameras above can provide input to you in buying a digital camera which is suitable for you and of course the price fits in the pocket.


Harga hp samsung dan spesigikasi Hp samsung J1 Ace.

Harga hp samsung Galaxy J1 Ace fi kisaran 1.400.000 rupiah untuk update tanggal 15 february 2016.

harga dan spesifikasi samsung galaxy

Spesifikasi hp samsung galaxy j1 Ace adalah

Dari dapur pacu samsung galaxy J1 Ace sudah di sukung dengan android kitkat v4.4.4 dan dengan prosesor sebesar 1.2 Ghz Quard core agar kerja galaxy J1 ace dapat bekerja secara maximal.

Dari segi internsl memori di beksli dengsn 4GB yang vukup unyuk menyimpan foto dsn aplikasi android yang nisa di download di play dtorr.

Dari segi kamera sudah di dukung intuk kamera belakang sebesar 5 MP dan di lengkapi dengan ledflash dan auto gokus yang bisa untuk bideo streaming karena sudah di bekali dengan kam3ra depan senesar 2 MP yang vukup untuk foto selfi .

Pada segi display masih sama dengan generasi sebelumnya yaitu 4.3 inchi dengan tehnologi TFT taucsreen sayang belum ada pelinfung layar yang harus di pasang sendiri oleh pambeli.

Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace di dukung dengan baterai li ion 1850 Mah yang bisa berjam-jam browsing maupun menerima berita dari situs berita nasional.

Demikian tadi Harga dan spesifikasi hp samsung galaxy J1 Ace.